Who am I? In a word, me. I don’t fit into anyone’s mold, I enjoy what I do even if no one else does, I am unapologetic, mostly. LOL. With an Army husband, three kids under 7, and a full-time job, there’s no time not to be me!

I have been a meat-eater, a vegetarian, and a vegan. Some would say I’m all over the place, but I just say I’m plant-focused: I enjoy the vegan lifestyle but like to rebel every once in a while and have some “meat on the side,” cheese, or chocolate. Oh, chocolate is THEE answer to life!

I am here to help you in your transition to a plant-focused lifestyle: eating and using products that’s are from plants, trees, and flowers…no labels required. 😉 I want to show you that it can be simple and that it is realistic…

This mid-western transplant, now southern girl, doesn’t like labels or being put in a box. We live this beautiful life as free individuals, so why limit what or who we are?! 

Be free! Enjoy the transition and the journey that is to 31 Eden…

31 Eden: Plant-Focused Living

What next?

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