Being Vegan/Plant-Focused is Hard

Being Vegan/Plant-Focused is Hard

Is being vegan hard?

Natural assumption to something new

Usually when something is new, we have an assumption about it. It’s an automized part of how we think. When looking at being a vegan, one may think it would be hard because of everything they would be giving up. But they won’t know until they try or at least do the research.


What is so hard about it?

Regardless, some may say it’s too hard. Well, let’s look at some of the reasons they say that…



Truth: Being a vegan/plant-focused is far from boring. The possibilities are truly endless. The limitation is partnered with the lack of creativity andor research. The main concern I hear is they don’t want to eat the same thing over and over. Well, they don’t have to and neither do you. There are so many vegetables I have discovered; some I like and some I don’t. But the funny thing is, I haven’t even tried them all.

The key: Branch out and try new things!



Truth: Being vegan/plant-focused can be but doesn’t have to be. Many people start their plant-focused journey by trying to replace all their animal products with a processed veggie alternative. That is expensive! Vegetables and fruit are not as expensive as people think.

The key: Walk through the grocery store (or visit one online) and look at the prices of food. It’s not bad at all. After removing meat from a grocery list, the grocery budget usually drops. Don’t try to find an alternative to everything you like, find a substitute for it.


Not a planner

Truth: If you are not a planner, being a vegan may be harder for you than others. BUT, the solution is to do the hard work now.

The key: Take time to figure out what your staples foods are and see if they can translate those to a veggie alternative, processed or fresh. Keeping this list will make it easier to make the switch.


No time for scratch making

Truth: All plant-focused foods don’t have to be from scratch. Just like most carnivorous people, most meals are not made from scratch either. There are so many prepared items and meals now for vegan/vegetarians.

The key: Cook like you normally would. Being plant-focused doesn’t change the way you prepare your food.


Can’t eat out

Truth: Yes you can! Restaurants have always substituted options.  Many restaurants now offer vegan/vegetarian options! Look at them being all considerate! LOL!

The key: You can order right off the menu and tell them to substitute the meat for another side item.


Can’t go cold turkey

Truth: Some people cannot go cold turkey (or cold kale as my friend says 😉 ). It depends on the person. Gradually transitioning is always a good idea. Depending on how much animal products you intake, the transition may need to be gradual. The body can respond in uncomfortable ways, so it’s important to know how you want to transition.

The key: Evaluate what kind of person you are. Are you the “rip the bandaid off fast” person, or the “Let’s put some water and soap on it and peel it off slowly” person? Also, do you consume so much animal products that your body will scream at you for taking away what it’s use to, or do you only consume a little amount of animal product and your body may not even blink an eye? Once you know that, you know how you are able to transition.


Don’t have specialty grocery stores

Truth: You don’t need specialty stores to life a plant-focused lifestyle. For a long time I shopped at Walmart because that was my only, affordable, option. They have really stepped up their game (even with organic options)!

The key: Continue to shop where you normally shop. 😉


To sum it up…

Yes, changes will be made when becoming plant-focused, but it is all doable and realistic. It just takes a little effort and some research. You can do it!


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