Benefits of Being Plant-Focused

Benefits of Being Plant-Focused


Remember from this post when I talked about lifestyle? It’s not just about the food, it is about anything that touches our bodies. But we will just focus on the food for now.


There are many health benefits to living a plant-focused lifestyle and I have listed just a few below:


Reduces diseases and conditions such as:

Cardiovascular disease

Certain cancers

High blood pressure

High cholesterol


Arthritis pain

Parkinson’s Disease


You will gain…

Greater energy

Clearer skin

Healthier hair

Stronger nails

Clearer thinking

Overall better health


Though these are all great benefits, it is important to remember that just because someone is plant-focused/vegan, doesn’t mean they are healthy. There are plenty of unhealthy vegan options out there. Don’t let it trip you up if your goal is to be healthy. You can read all about it here.


Not Eating Animal Products

While some of these benefits stem from eating more fruits and vegetables, but the majority of the benefits are directly related to not eating meat. I say that because of the way meat is raised and processed. As I mentioned in my “Reasons” post, I am not an animal activist, but I do care about the treatment of animals. And the animals that are raised for slaughter are not treated well at all. Not only are they abused, they are fed “crap” that their bodies can not digest and that poisons them. What is not known or understood in the general population is that the things the animals are fed and are injected with enter our bodies when consumed. Most of this stuff cannot be cooked out!


You are what you eat….


Below I have listed some very helpful documentaries about such matters. It is very sad to watch, but very helpful to learn and understand what is going on in the food industry, especially in America.


Recommended Documentaries:


Food, Inc.  

Food Matters

Forks Over Knives


What the Health


To sum it up…

We do not need animal products to sustain a healthy body. All we need are foods that grow from the ground. Below I have listed articles that have scientific evidence of the benefits I listed. There’s no reason not to live a plant-focused life! 😉


Scientific Evidence

Healthline-Vegan Diet Benefits

Organic Facts-Being Vegan



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