Breakfast Burrito: Easy, Vegan, and Delicious

Breakfast Burrito: Easy, Vegan, and Delicious

Yo quiero Taco Bell…um, no! Yo quiero 31 Eden breakfast burrito, yes! LOL!


I do love burritos, well, Mexican food in general. And the best part is it translates so well in plant-focused world! It is definitely my go-to when I have to make something quick. This burrito is not all that quick, but it is super delicious!


A little fact about me…My body has an issue with breakfast food. Not me, I love it, but my body doesn’t. Quite a few years ago my gallbladder was removed. After that, my life changed forever, quite literally. I wasn’t able to eat regular syrup, jelly, mixed coffee drinks, really anything with a high sugar content. I would have horrible stomach cramps and nausea. It was THE WORST!!


You see, the gallbladder helps to break down fats so that it can be easily digested. Without a gallbladder, food is still digested. Well, for whatever reason, I can’t properly digest many, many breakfast foods (in the morning) that contain sugar. That includes fruits. But the weird thing is, I can eat them in the afternoon and I am perfectly fine. Yes, weird…


So when I decided to try to make a breakfast burrito, I was hoping that it would work out. And you know what, it did!!! I used my favorite bean and corn salsa, homemade vegan sour cream, roasted potatoes, spinach, and scrambled tofu.

This burrito has several ingredients to prepare, but it is worth it! Once you prepare the fillings, they can each be frozen separately, or you can make the burritos and freeze them to warm later. My family generally eats them all within a few days, though.


What is your take on the breakfast burrito?


Scrambled Tofu

July 11, 2018


  • 1 pack, extra firm/firm tofu
  • 1 TBS, vegan butter
  • 1/4 tsp, turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tsp, onion powder
  • 1 tsp, powdered garlic
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • Step 1 Drain and pat dry the tofu.
  • Step 2 Heat a medium skillet over medium heat. Add the butter.
  • Step 3 Carefully place the tofu in the pan and break up with a spatula until it looks like scrambled eggs.
  • Step 4 Add the seasonings.
  • Step 5 Continue to cook until it starts to brown slightly.
  • Step 6 Serve.

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