Daniel Fast

Daniel Fast


What is a fast?

Many have heard about fasting through the church, though it is popular in the health community, too. To break it down, the Greek definition of fasting is “abstinence from food.” The Hebrew definition is “to cover over” as in the mouth. So a (complete) fast is to abstain from consuming food.


What is the Daniel Fast?

The Daniel Fast is a 21 day partial fast (eating some foods) that is based on the book of Daniel in the Bible. Daniel chose to eat no meat, nor drink wine for 3 weeks during the first month of the year to observe the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Daniel 10:2-3). Also, several times throughout the book of Daniel, you will see how he ate fruits and vegetables many times as part of a fast. Some use fast as it is called for in the Bible, and some use it for their health. Both are good reasons to do a complete or partial fast.


The health benefits of the Daniel Fast

According to a study by BioMed Central, the Daniel Fast lessens the risk of metabolic and cardiovascular disease¹. Fasting rids the body of toxins that have built up by consuming animal products, processed foods, chemical absorbed by the skin. It can also give you more energy, help you think clear, and have a sunnier disposition.



What can be eaten on the Daniel Fast?

Despite what many think, there are a lot of foods that can be eaten while on the Daniel Fast. See the list below for Do’s and Don’ts.

Other items that are not listed on the list are seasonings. Most seasonings can be used on the Daniel Fast as long as they do not contain dairy like cheese or powdered milk. Seasonings should not be artificial like imitation vanilla extract. Instead, choose pure vanilla extract.





Shopping for the fast

Shopping for Daniel Fast groceries may be simpler than you think. There is  no need to shop at specialty stores, or buy special products or ingredients unless that is what you desire to do. When buying prepackaged foods, it is very important to read the label. You should be able to read and know what everything is on the label. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, chances are that it is an additive or a preservative. LOL. So, stay away from that! I have provided two list below of sugars, additives, and preservatives you may see on labels. 


Daniel Fast Dos and Don'ts 1.1


Agave nectar Dehydrated cane juice Maltol
Barbados sugar Demerara sugar Maltose
Barley malt Dextrin Mannose
Barley malt syrup Dextrose Maple syrup
Beet sugar Evaporated cane juice Molasses
Brown sugar Fructose Muscovado
Buttered syrup Fruit juice Palm sugar
Cane juice Fruit juice concentrate Panocha
Cane juice crystals Glucose Powdered sugar
Cane sugar Glucose solids Raw sugar
Caramel Golden sugar Refiner’s syrup
Carob syrup Golden syrup Rice syrup
Castor sugar Granulated sugar Saccharose
Coconut palm sugar Grape sugar Sorghum syrup
Coconut sugar HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup) Sucrose
Confectioner’s sugar Honey Sweet sorghum
Corn sweetener Icing sugar Syrup
Corn syrup Invert sugar Treacle
Corn syrup solids Malt syrup Turbinado sugar
Date sugar Maltodextrin Yellow sugar


Additives and preservatives

Potassium Bromate   Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Sodium Benzoate
Sodium Nitrite  

Caramelized Sugar Syrup (E150 syrup)

Sulfur Dioxide (E220)
Aspartame Sodium Sulfite (E221) Propyl Paraben

BHA And BHT (E320)

Natural Green Colour Yellow Tartrazine
Yellow No. 5 Red Dye No. 2 Blue #1 and Blue #2 (E133) 


Other Daniel Fast topics…

Prepping for the Fast

During the Daniel Fast

After the Daniel Fast



¹ Effects of a 21 day Daniel Fast on metabolic and cardiovascular dies ease risk factors in mean and women. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2941756/