After the Fast

After the Fast

A clean slate

At this point your body has completely rid of many toxins that are introduced through animal products and processed food. Your stomach may have shrunk, and some of your organs have had a break from working as hard as before, by not having to break down hard-to-digest foods. You are basically starting with a clean slate!


Reintroducing foods

No matter what foods you are reintroducing into your body, DO IT SLOWLY and pay close attention to your body’s reaction to each food introduced. You should monitor,

1. What you eat.

2. How much you eat.

3. How fast you eat it.

These three factors will determine how your body will respond. If you move to fast, eat to much, or to much bad foods too fast, your body may go into a type of shock that includes stomach aches, headaches, cramps, and even vomiting.


Continuing to eat healthy/plant-focused

If you decide to continue to eat similar to the fast, you will be plantfocused. During the entire fast you were plant-focused and it was the perfect start! I have information that will help you on your journey weather you want to eat no meat or meat on the side. You will find information and recipes to get you started. And if you have any questions or need guidance, just send me a message. I would love to help you!


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