Prepping for the Fast

Prepping for the Fast

Being prepared for a fast makes all the difference to succeed. Whether you are fasting for spiritual or physical reasons, preparation is key!

First of all…

Do not binge eat any food. Your and your body will regret it during the fast. Instead, start tapering off foods that your body may be addicted to such as sugar and caffeine. I talk more about it on the During the Fast page.


What is prepping?

Prepping is preparing food ahead of time. It could be hours, days, or even weeks ahead. Prepping doesn’t mean you have to cook everything. You can cut up vegetables, precook rice, bake potatoes, or just measure out ingredients and store away. 


How to start prepping

 Decide on your meal(s).

   * Make a meal plan by deciding on what meals you want for the week. Make sure you take into account that you will have leftovers from some of the meals.
   * Can some of the ingredients be used in more than one meal? If you can buy ingredients in bulk it cuts down on costs.
   * What in that meal would take the longest to make? These are the items you want to prep, if possible.

Prepping materials

   * Plastic food storage bags (various sizes)
   * Food storage containers/mason jars (various sizes)
   * Plastic/glass food containers (various sizes)
   * Lunch container of your choice
       * Many stores sell food prep containers that are good to use.


Start chopping, dicing, and measuring

    * First label your bags/containers so you know what meal it goes with. A sharpie works wonders and can be cleaned off of glass and plastic containers with vinegar.

    * Prep one item at a times so you don’t get the meals confused. If you have mad organization skills,or even semi good, prep more than one…but STAY ORGANIZED. I only keep saying this for your sanity… 😉

    * Put the items in the fridge, and you are ready to go!


Here a friend and I talk about prepping for our church’s fast


If you have any questions, send me a message or comment below. Happy fasting!

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