Lady Issues + Plant Life

Lady Issues + Plant Life
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Before becoming a plant-focused eater, I had several health issues: PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome); heavy, long, and painful menstrual cycles; anemia; migraines; and constant fatigue. But for this post, I will just talk to you about the lady issues and how most of it was resolved by having a plant-focused diet.


PCOS is a hormonal condition that affects many women in the world. It is known to be one of the main reasons for infertility*. I had this condition since high school. Because of it I experienced acne, mood changes, extreme pain, and heavy bleeding with periods, headaches, and sleeplessness. My case was so severe that the doctor told my husband and me that I wouldn’t be able to have children naturally, and it would be hard even with fertility.

You see, I didn’t ovulate. I had one to two periods a year. I had cysts that surrounded my ovaries, basically choking them out.

While I enjoyed not having do deal with a period every month, I knew the reason…

I went to the doctor several times for the issues. After many tests and blood taken, the doc’s solution was birth control. She explained that it would help with he PCOS and with the heavy bleeding. Ok, so let me explain.

WARNING: This may be TMI for you, but someone needs to hear this…

I would buy a 3-month supply of overnight, super plus pads and use them up in a week. Not to mention, I had to use super plus tampons WITH the pads. Losing all that blood explained my fatigue and anemia (that I was newly diagnosed with at the time).

Though I hated to, I tried the birth control for about 2 months, only to realize that it was making me sick. It definitely helped with the bleeding, but I was so sick I couldn’t function most days.

Focusing on Plant Eating Changed My Menstrual FlowD5BF1651-8C82-4703-8203-1FA246880732

It had been about 6 months after the birth control episode when I changed to a plant-focused lifestyle. Eating all plant-based foods completely eliminated the added hormones from my diet. This is the key!

Back when I did eat meat, I bought “organic” and “hormone-free” meats. But I am convinced that some of that labeling was not legit. Only a month of not eating animal products, my menstrual cycle began to normalized…I mean timing, flow, pain, everything! I couldn’t believe it! My period went from being 12 days down to 5 days and I didn’t go through the pack of pads I normally did. As a matter of fact, I could wear a Lola tampon and a pantyliner and that’s it…THAT’S IT! I was amazed!

To Sum it Up

Changing to a plant-focused diet was the best decision I could have made regarding my lady issues. I don’t have to take any medication, I’m spending less money on products, and I feel fantastic! I definitely suggest that women dealing with similar issues evaluate what they are eating…It could make the world of a difference.

BTW, I did have children. I have 5; three here with me and two in heaven. I’ll tell you more about that later. 😉


*PCOS Awareness Association (

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