Mushroom Stroganoff

Mushroom Stroganoff

A Comforting Dish

I was born in Germany. Yep, a good ole Army brat.

We lived on the Army base the entire time we were there. My sister, who was much older than me, easily picked up the language and was able to help my mom communicate with the locals. Oh, how I wish I knew the language…

My family and I lived there for a little over four years. When we left, I was entering kindergarten, so I don’t remember much. But the couple of things I do remember is clear. Like walking to Taekwondo at the post community center and my preschool.

A memory that is forever planted in my brain if from 4th grade in the states. We had a social studies assignment that discussed where we were born. Well, naturally I was excited to tell the class I was born in another country and I was different than everybody else (at Global Gym, we’re better than you and we know it!).

Well, my plan back-fired! Some of the kids in the class started calling me a nazi. It made me cry. But wait, what’s a nazi??? LOL. I didn’t know, but it sounded mean. It wasn’t until junior high that I learned what a nazi was and just shook my head at the situation. Kids.

Food for Thought

One thing I distinctly remember at the preschool is the food. They taught us to have a colorful plate. We always had options like spinach or brussel sprouts; carrots or corn; potatoes or rice; etc. This basically taught us to eat our fruits and veggies and empowered us to make those choices on our own.

This preschool may have planted the seed for me living a plant-focused lifestyle…who knows! 😀

One meal I remember enjoying there and that my mom continued to cook when we came back to the states is beef stroganoff. Meat and pasta was the end all-be all to me. Creamy and full of flavor…yes!

Believing that stroganoff was is a traditional German dish, I took pride that I was born in that country.


It’s not a German dish. Say what?! It was developed in Russia and adapted to become a German dish. So my false sense of pride went right out the window. LOL! Not really.

This is the most amazing vegan version of stroganoff that checks all the boxes. It’s slightly acidic/tangy, but smooth and flavorful. The mushrooms even make up for the beef! To make it creamy, you have the option to add vegan sour cream. It can be found in some grocery stores, or you can use this recipe. Celeste has created the best vegan sour cream I have ever tasted!

Because of my love for German stroganoff, I didn’t even want to try to make a vegan version. But I’m glad I did.

What traditional dishes have you made vegan or what dishes would you like to see converted?


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