The Reasons to be Vegan/Vegetarian…Be You

The Reasons to be Vegan/Vegetarian…Be You

Everyone has a reason they do things.

My reason to eat is because I like food. There is the saying, “I eat to live, not live to eat” or something like that.

But that is not my cause. I like food! Like, really really.

Foodie, I don’t know…I don’t like labels. But I. LOVE. FOOD. Ok, that’s not the reason I am a plant-focused eater, I just wanted to say that…Ha!

My beliefs centered around food are much like me…it doesn’t fit in one box. If you read the “About Me” section, you learned that I eat mostly like a vegan, but enjoy milk chocolate, traditional pancakes, and my co-worker’s cheesecake (y’all, that cheesecake…), and occasionally “meat on the side.”

I don’t believe in following rules to appease others or “punishing” oneself because a mistake was made or a slip-up happened.

Strict Guidelines

Too strict of guidelines leads to self-condemnation when those guidelines are broken. Instead of being free in the enjoyment and fulfillment of being plant-focused, many focus on coloring inside the lines of being vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian.

What’s important to me is how the food you eat makes your body feel or that you are following your convictions, your motivations – your reasons to change your lifestyle…

People Pleasing

Many times we try to follow the crowd or the mold that others have put us in. This goes hand-in-hand with the labeling.

Let’s say you tell people you are a vegan, but in a few months they see you eating a pancake at IHOP and say, “I thought you were vegan. But it has egg and milk in it.” You go home thinking about this statement. Maybe even thinking that that person doesn’t think you can be a “real” vegan or that you can’t keep to your word. So you determine within yourself not to eat any product with egg in it EVER again.

Your motive/reasoning has just changed. Instead of keeping to your original conviction/motivation, you have decided not to eat products with egg in them just so no one can say anything to you…

That is people pleasing. #reallife

Animal Rights

Though it boils my blood to see or hear of an animal being mistreated, I am not an animal activist. The treatment of animals is not what motivated me to change my eating to focus around plants. I have seen the documentaries, have read the stories and reports.

Nothing good comes from the slaughter of animals. Yet, this is not my motivation to eat mostly vegan.


One of the two biggest reasons I choose to live a plant-focused lifestyle and buy high-quality meat (when I do consume it) is the unnatural things that will enter my body by eating animals. Some animals are injected with things that are harmful to them and us, that cannot be cooked out. They eat feed that is not good for their body and is transferred through their flesh and their milk.

I’m not for that.

More on that later…

To Sum it Up

You and I have our reasons for wanting to transition to a plant-focused lifestyle. And whatever the reason is, it’s good. It doesn’t matter how others eat, what they consider vegan or vegetarian, and no one has the permission to tell us how or what to eat. It’s simple – discover what your reasons are and stick to them and give yourself permission to enjoy the journey!

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