What is Plant-Focused? How is it a Lifestyle?

What is Plant-Focused? How is it a Lifestyle?

What is “Plant-focused?”

“Plant-based” is usually the term you hear when referring to those eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. “Plant-based” is also used with vegetarians and vegans. However, I decided to steer from that term because of how it is used and because of my beliefs.

As you may have read ,I do not like labels. I avoid them at all costs! Ok, maybe not ALL costs, but you know what I am saying. By stating that I am a vegan, people look at me sideways when I have a piece of milk chocolate. Well, keep staring cause I’m going to keep eating! LOL.

Let’s say a box is the label. Anytime you step outside of it, people judge you or you may even judge yourself.

That is why it is important to know why you are making the transition and what you are willing and not willing to do. For instance, I am basically a vegan. Meaning, that I generally do not consume any animal products; no meat, no dairy. HOWEVER, if I decide to have a piece of milk chocolate or a waffle that is made with eggs or milk, I indulge myself.


What is a Plant Focused Lifestyle?

When you think of lifestyle, you may think of how you live your life, and that is what I think of, too.

A plant-focused lifestyle includes food, products-cleaning and hygiene.



Food is the most prominent lifestyle change when people refer to plant-based/focused. It is often the most difficult as well…but it doesn’t have to be. My plant-focused diet is just that; focusing on foods that grow from the ground (or in pots 😉 ). I want to be sure that what is entering my body is giving it life and not breaking it down. No, I am not an animal activist or lover, but after seeing, understanding, and feeling what meat does to my body, I decided to say goodbye…”Bye Felicia!”


Hygiene products

Just as I don’t want certain things going into my body, I am mindful what goes on my body. When I started to get into essential oils, I began to learn that what I put on my body enters into my blood stream. That made me wonder what was in the products I was using: Aluminum..yikes! Formaldehyde…ahhh! And the list goes on and on.

My first thought, as a DIYer, was to make my own products. While that was good and I enjoyed what I made, I simply don’t always have the time with a family, full-time job, and volunteer work. But there are plenty on the market as well.



Cleaning products

My old thought, “ If it’s not bleached, it’s not clean!” And I know a lot of people agree with that. But bleach and other cleaning products are very dangerous and toxic. Good thing there are tons of DIY and store bought cleaning products that are completely safe. More about this later…



To sum it up…

Living a plant-focused lifestyle is ridding your body of toxins by not absorbing them through eating or putting them on your body.

Are you in the process of detoxifying your body or your home?

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